Student to Alumni GRADitude Program

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Student to Alumni GRADitude Program

Connecting York U Alumni and students

Are you an upper year student leader? Sign up to receive exclusive invitations to events. Pick and choose the opportunities that are right for you.

The GRADitude Program will connect you with  York University alumni from all backgrounds and walks of life, including The York University Alumni Board (YUAB).


  •  “GRADitude serves as an outlet to recognize the incredible talent and achievements of York students and alumni. Through socials, networking and campus-wide events, the initiative provides its students and alumni with ample opportunity to be involved members of the York community. GRADitude has allowed me to stay connected with the university and its members as well as to give back to the place that has become my second home. I’m extremely proud and honoured to be a member”
    —Crystal H. (BSc '17)
  • “My experience with GRADitude was great. The program provides excellent resources with connecting graduating students to York Alumni for various networking events. I had the pleasure of attending the Downtown semi-formal event and had the opportunity to network with professionals from various industries”.
    —Gaurav S. (BA '17)
  • "Being a part of the GRADitude program was a very rewarding experience. Not only was the program fun but I got the opportunity to network with many students leaders and alumni and learn from their experiences. Very inspiring!"
    — Nika A. (BHRM '18)

Don't miss out! Join GRADitude today.

Apply to join the GRADitude program If you are involved in one or more of the following:

  • an executive on a student club
  • are a part of student government (for your faculties or college)
  • are an orientation leader during O-week
  • are a varsity athlete
  • volunteer for a department, program or student club
  • OR have a GPA of 7.5 or above
  • OR have gone above and beyond in your contributions to York University

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