2010 Bryden Award Recipients

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A series of awards presented each year to grads who have attained extraordinary achievements and made remarkable contributions to York and to their communities.

Pinnacle Achievement Nino Ricci
Outstanding Contribution James Love
Local Hero Harriet Lewis
Redefine the Possible Hana Zalzal
One to Watch Galit Solomon
Nino Ricci Pinnacle Achievement

A graduate who has achieved distinction in their field and whose integrity and ability inspires alumni, faculty, staff and students

Nino Ricci (BA ’81)

Nino Ricci’s The Origin of Species, a bestselling novel that won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction, began as a master’s thesis at York. Today, the writer’s shelf is lined with literary awards and his name is recognized around the world. Despite his international renown and numerous accolades, Ricci still makes time to reconnect with York.

When he is not writing, Ricci has shared his wisdom as an instructor at many institutions. He even presided over PEN Canada, a decades-old institution championing freedom of expression in writing.

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James Love Outstanding Contribution

A graduate who has dedicated their work to the advancement of York through exceptional service, commitment and/or contributions

James Love (LLB ’73, LLM ’86) 

The vibrancy and richness of York’s biodiversity and conservation research can be attributed to the multifaceted contributions of one person: James Love.

A highly respected and accomplished lawyer by trade, Love has been a committed, enthusiastic ambassador and volunteer with York for years. He is the top supporter of various York initiatives, including the Wine at the Castle event, an auction that supports Las Nubes, York’s very own rainforest in Costa Rica. He is a member of the York University Foundation Board and Chair of the Fundraising Committee. As a philanthropist, he has persuaded others to make significant donations to York.

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Harriet Lewis Local Hero

A graduate and employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in their devotion to the University with contributions, achievements, leadership and/or early accomplishments

Harriet Lewis (BA ’69, MA ’71)

Harriet Lewis, the university secretary and general counsel at York, has played a major role in the University’s growth over the years. She has guided nearly every arm of the University. Her legacy resides in the literature prizes she has established, the lasting impact she’s made on successive York University Board of Governors and Senate Chairs, and the hearts of countless students she has inspired as a guest lecturer.

The effects of her mentorship trickle down almost as deeply as her personal devotion to the community. They are evident in the annual reception she hosts for York’s female leaders, the many committees she sits on and the career she has dedicated to her alma mater.

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Hana Zalzal Redefine the Possible

A graduate who has demonstrated leadership and successes that are innovative, unconventional and daring

Hana Zalzal (MBA ’92) 

Hana Zalzal knows what it takes to become a major player in one of the most impenetrable markets in the world. She’s been there and done that with her cosmetics company Cargo.

Zalzal’s decision to train in both engineering and business may be the magic ingredients behind her success. Through innovation and true marketing savvy, she transformed the tiny business she started shortly after graduating from the Schulich School of Business into a multimillion-dollar company. Her products have become makeup-bag staples touted by Hollywood royalties.

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Galit Solomon One to Watch

A graduate who has become a remarkable professional and/or achieved community accomplishments early in their career

Galit Solomon (BA ’00)

Galit Solomon, an award-winning TV reporter, has earned the deep respect of her colleagues and local acclaim early in her career. Off screen, her drive and passion shine equally. She has made a massive impact on the lives of thousands of people in York Region through her volunteer work to raise awareness of sexual violence.

A woman of immense grace, dedication and talent, Solomon continues to make waves through her journalistic achievements and touch hearts through her community activism.

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