2009 Bryden Award Recipients

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A series of awards presented each year to grads who have attained extraordinary achievements and made remarkable contributions to York and to their communities.

Pinnacle Achievement Barbara Budd
Outstanding Contribution Marshall Cohen
Local Hero Robert Drummond
Redefine the Possible Paul Jones & Mark Jones
One to Watch Gretel Reid-Willis
Barbara Budd Pinnacle Achievement

A graduate who has achieved distinction in their field and whose integrity and ability inspires alumni, faculty, staff and students

Barbara Budd (BA ’74)

Barbara Budd is a national treasure. As co-host of As It Happens on CBC Radio One, her charisma and unmistakable voice have entertained and informed listeners here and around the world for more than 15 years.

In addition to her work on the airwaves, Budd has made her mark on the Stratford stage, acting there for five seasons. She has narrated for Discovery and starred alongside Tom Selleck in Three Men and a Baby. Despite a demanding schedule, Budd is a regular face at York events. Over the years, she has inspired hundreds of students to pursue their dreams with her great success, tireless work and can-do attitude.

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Marshall Cohen Outstanding Contribution

A graduate who has dedicated their work to the advancement of York through exceptional service, commitment and/or contributions

Marshall Cohen, OC (LLB ’60, LLM ’63, Hon. LLD ’86)

An exemplary leader and volunteer, Marshall Cohen served for 22 years on the York University Board of Governors, providing expertise and guidance to four York presidents. From 2000 to 2009, he took on the key leadership role of board Chair.

Cohen has been a generous supporter of the University, most recently through the newly minted Judith and Marshall Cohen Leadership Award for First Generation Students and the York to the Power of 50 campaign. His enormously successful career in government and private industry, combined with his leadership on many non-profit boards, has demonstrated his commitment to giving back and inspired the whole York community.

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Robert Drummond Local Hero

A graduate and employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in their devotion to the University with contributions, achievements, leadership and/or early accomplishments

Robert Drummond (BA ’67)

Robert Drummond knows York. He experienced it as one of the first students to walk the halls of Glendon. He helped it flourish as a professor in the Department of Political Science.

Drummond has shaped York both as a union Chair and as Chair of the University Senate. He has led it as an administrator, first as associate dean, then acting dean and finally dean of the former Faculty of Arts. His commitment to students and willingness to act as a York ambassador are just a few of the ways this versatile leader has made his impact.

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Paul Jones Redefine the Possible

A graduate who has demonstrated leadership and successes that are innovative, unconventional and daring

Paul Jones (BSc Spec. Hons. ’80) & Mark Jones (BA ’84)

It’s a long way from York’s basketball team to the NBA, but brothers Paul and Mark Jones have each made their own way to the big game. And their unconventional paths to success have not gone unnoticed.

From studying economics to working as a sports commentator for ESPN and ABC, Mark has turned his experience on the court into his dream job. Not to be outdone, Paul has made his own mark in the world of sports journalism, jumping from a career as a teacher and principal in York Region to reporting for TSN and being the voice of the Raptors on Toronto’s own FAN590.

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Gretel Reid-Willis One to Watch

A graduate who has become a remarkable professional and/or achieved community accomplishments early in their career

Gretel Reid-Willis (BA/BEd ’01)

Gretel Reid-Willis is an innovative teacher who has energized her colleagues, students and their parents. She works to dispel the intimidating nature of math and explain why it is essential for all of us. She has helped many young students, particularly girls, discover the pleasures and power of math through language, drama, visual arts and real-world investigations.

Reid-Willis makes learning a family affair with innovative outreach programs for parents and students. In 2007, just six years after graduating from York, she was honoured with the Premier’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Literacy and Numeracy.

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