Starting An Alumni Network

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Alumni networks provide valuable opportunities for alumni. Networks offer you a chance to develop a career path, to build and maintain relationships and networks and help support the goals of York University. Networks and their leadership play an important role as ambassadors for York; they are an essential part of successful campaigns, advocacy programs and student recruitment.

Alumni networks can be organized by common interest, geographic region both local and abroad or faculty. All of our networks work to support and promote York University.

Starting a network is easy, follow these 3 simple steps and if you have any questions contact our office.

1. Visit the networks page to see if a network already exists
2. Contact Nicole Light to discuss your interest
3. Visit the Network Resource page to access everything you need to submit your application

Please note, in some areas, there may not be a sufficient number of alumni to form a network. In this case, please see the regional alumni network page for details on how you can still volunteer to support York U.

Questions? Contact Nicole Light at or 416-736-2100 ext. 44101.

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