GRADitude 2016 celebrates soon-to-be grads and welcomes them to alumni community

Last month, the Office of Alumni Engagement threw a party in celebration of the accom36plishments of York grads, top athletes, scholars and leading contributors to both student and campus life.  At GRADitude 2016, current alumni helped to usher in a new group of alumni-to-be into the vibrant alumni community with food, drink and dancing at the Rosehill Venue and Lounge.

After remarks and an amazing beatboxing/breakdancing performance by members of Unity, guests took to the dance floor, took goofy pics at the photo booth and to twitter to express their gratitude.

Sponsored by our Affinity Partners, both TD and Manulife were on hand to meet guests with games and giveaways. Later in the evening grad-to-be Rachel Kunnas was awarded a $500 gift certificate towards a Contiki trip sponsored by Contiki themselves. The night was full of celebration for the movers and shakers of the soon-to-be alumni community, and we couldn’t be more proud.

119In addition to GRADitude, the Office of Alumni engagement offers a suite of ways for alumni to get involved. Join an Alumni Network (or start your own), take advantage of great benefits and discounts part of the Alumni Perks Program or attend alumni events.


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